Wednesday, August 08, 2007

i'm rotting all alone at home today. those working have already gone to work and those not have gone to the hospital to visit my uncle. i have been waking up as early as 9am everyday ever since monday and then taking a 2-3hrs noon nap and can only fall asleep not any earlier than 3am every night. i think my body clock has gone bonkers. today i'm trying hard not to take any nap later coz i wana go to bed early as i have a tedious colombo turn ard tml. perhaps when i'm in the sky in sg, i can see fireworks. haha. i just hope tml will be a comfortable load to work with for both sectors. my batchmate, melvyn, will be on the flight too but don't think we'll be working in the same zone. we really need smart ppl to operate on this kinda flight if not by the first sector, all of us will collapse!

for this and next week, i'll only be operating 3 turn around flights coz i took abit of leave and change away my flights for more off days. dd's bday is approaching and with his constant reminder, i've cracked my brain as to what to get for him. i've seeked advices from quite a few friends in order to gather information regarding the item. still waiting for the news from my friend. finally dd is allowed to take almost a week's leave next week. we're planning to go somewhere to rest and relax but not too sure of the destination coz of time constraint. the longest stay can only be 3d2n so neighbouring cities will be gd. bangkok shud be out coz it's not a place to relax, it's crazy shopping sprees every single moment. msia is out too coz i just don't feel like going there. i find bali overpriced and i'll rather take phuket coz the price diff is almost $200. discussion is still in progress.

i'm looking forward to a gd korean bbq some time this week or next. i've sourced for a gd place to try out and i hope it will be gd. it's true that quite alot of ppl can't appreciate kimchi. haha. none of them in my family can except my mum and i. my bro thinks it stinks like shit and even little enen will say it's smelly. well, dat's not a bad thing afterall coz no one will snatch from me and when i come back from overseas, it will still be there intact, unlike other food. haha. those tubs of kimchi sold in sg aren't really fantastic but ain't cheap as well. i still like the one i got in japan. at least the taste of vinegar is not strong till it bites my tongue.

i just read one of my pri sch fren's blog and realized she has started saving up to buy a love nest with her bf. how nice. i think they have been together not more than 6 months and they are planning to settle down end of next year. isn't it sweet? my fren is one of those difficult to handle kinda gf and i'm quite surprised she is settling down so fast. i'm not as difficult to handle as why am i still not settling down? haha. it's definitely not cheap to buy a house now and having to fork out cash to pay for the 20% downpayment is even worse. so saving plans shud start once we start working and not when we plan to settle down coz that will take a much longer time to save up an amount of money for a house and also wedding too.

this month i have to get 3 birthday pressies. one for dd, one for dad and one for my sis-in-law. we'll be getting a new hp for dad coz his is too old a model. haha. we know he loves n6300 coz it's slim. i don't really know what to get for my sis-in-law but she is easily satisfied so not much of a problem at all. i thot of getting her a longchamp bag. i think my expenditure gonna be pretty high this month. really wonder how to save more money like dat. if only i'm not crazy over lv stuffs den there wouldn't be any prob. i'm waiting to meet up with birdie and ping one of these days and i believe ping has some investment stuffs to talk to me abt. i'll love to hear how she can grow my money.